Portal Productions

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Heroes Con 2005

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at Heroes Con this year. There was a great crowd all weekend. Hopefully you all enjoyed RIP #1, I know we put a lot of work into it and are pretty proud of the result. Another great aspect of cons is the people you meet and I'd like to say "Hi" to a few, Chris Lie was set up in the booth next to us. He's a young guy with alot of talent. He recently finished up a GI Joe TPB for Devil's Due press that turned out great. Remember that name for the future.

Check out Chris' site at: http://www.chriscomic.com/news/

Also talked for awhile with Raven Gregory the writer/creator of Image Comics' The Gift. Raven had some great advice for taking RIP national based on his experiences with The Gift.

Saw our old friend Gabe Bridwell again, as always he's busy, busy, busy! Check out Gabe's website to see what projects he's got coming up and order a copy of his new sketchbook, it turned out great! http://www.gabebridwell.com/

Thanks to Eric Dotson for making the tripwith Randy and I and helping us sell books, Eric is a much better salesman than me!

If anyone has not yet got a copy of RIP #1, you can send me $3 via paypal to portalcomics@hotmail.com and I'll send a signed copy your way!